When Do Babies Talk?

Your baby should learn to talk during the first two years of life. Learn how you can encourage your baby's verbal skills, how to teach new words, and more.

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Science Says Babies Sync Their Babbling and Pointing Earlier Than We Thought
A new study looks at how and when babies develop the ability to coordinate their speech and gestures, and the results are a bit surprising.
Babies Remember Their Native Languages Even If They Don't Speak Them, Research Shows
A new study says even if babies never spoke their birth language, they still retain it on some level.
Baby Sign Language: Daily Routine Signs
At first, start by teaching your baby two to five priority signs, then begin adding more. Special thanks to Melissa van Wijk, Founder of Signing Up (SigningUpLLC).
If Babies Could Text: Texts from the Crib
All new moms anxiously await their babies' first words, but what if babies could text? Hint: It involves a lot of smiling poop emojis.
Baby Sign Language: Greetings
Help your baby say hello and goodbye with these greeting signs.
Do Tech Toys Hurt Baby's Language Development?
It might be time to put down the "smart" toys and get back to the wooden blocks.

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How to Help Your Baby Learn to Talk

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