When Do Babies Talk?

Your baby should learn to talk during the first two years of life. Learn how you can encourage your baby's verbal skills, how to teach new words, and more.

When Do Babies Start Talking?

Wondering when your little one will say "mama" or "dada"? Find out what age babies start to talk and improve language development with our guide to baby babble and the important milestone of talking.

Baby Talk: A Month-By-Month Timeline

Eagerly awaiting baby's first words? As your little one grows and develops speech skills, babbles will turn into words. Follow our talking timeline to learn about this important child development milestone.

Baby Talk: What You Need to Know

Your little one is on the brink of speaking, even if you can't understand her baby language. Here's why there's no such thing as talking nonsense.

If Babies Could Text: Deep Thoughts

Babies might not be able to speak in coherent sentences yet, but that doesn't mean they're not full of profound ideas. These deep thought texts from babies prove you're never too young to ponder life's big questions.

9 Ways to Help Your Child's Language Development

Speed up and improve your child's language skills.

7 Best Toys for Babies and Toddlers Learning to Talk

The process of language development starts at home, and it can be fun, too. These talking toys and word games will help expand your child's vocabulary and encourage her to start speaking more and more.

Teach Your Baby Sign Language, the Easy Way

Don't speak baby talk? Don't worry. Use these easy tips to teach your baby some simple sign language skills and finally understand what goo-goo gah-gah really means.

Decoding Baby's Funny Little Noises and Sounds

Your child doesn't talk yet--but she does have a language of her own. We'll tell you what she's communicating with her funny little noises and sounds.

Understanding Your Baby's Language Development

Over the course of your little one's first year, his language skills will grow by leaps and bounds. Here's how to encourage Baby to talk even more.

Activities for Language Development: 0-3 Months

Jen Meyers and Jamie Loehr, M.D., authors of Raising Your Child, say it is never too early to start working on your baby's language development. Try these easy activities to encourage Baby's speech comprehension.

Baby Sign Language: Starter Signs

Ready to learn baby sign language? Begin with these eight commonly used words.

Activities to Encourage Language Development: 3-6 Months

Encourage your baby to babble with these simple activities from Jamie Loehr, M.D, and Jen Meyers, authors of Raising Your Child.

If Babies Could Text: Texts from the Crib

All new moms anxiously await their babies' first words, but what if babies could text? Hint: It involves a lot of smiling poop emojis.

Do Tech Toys Hurt Baby's Language Development?

Time to put down the "smart" toys and get back to the wooden blocks, says a new study.

Encourage Baby's Language Development: 9-12 Months

Jamie Loehr and Jen Meyers, authors of "Raising Your Child" suggest these activities to help enhance your baby's language development.

Babies Remember Their Native Languages Even If They Don't Speak Them, Research Shows

A new study says even if babies never spoke their birth language, they still retain it on some level.

How Babies Learn to Talk

The process of language development in children--and what you can do to help.

Tips to Encourage Language Development: 6-9 Months

From tall tales to singing songs, Jamie Loehr, M.D, and Jen Meyers, authors of Raising Your Child share activities to help your baby start talking!

Your 8-Month-Old's Language Development

Your child's first words are an important milestone. We tell you how to talk with your baby and encourage her language skills.

Out of the Mouths of Babes: Funny First Words

From the hilarious to the truly original, readers share their cutie pies' first words with us!

9 Things to Know About Talking

We know you're dying to hear those first words. Here's what you need to know while you wait.

Baby Sign Language: First Foods

What does your baby want for breakfast? Let him tell you with baby sign language!

Baby Sign Language: Daily Routine Signs

At first, start by teaching your baby two to five priority signs, then begin adding more. Special thanks to Melissa van Wijk, Founder of Signing Up (SigningUpLLC).

The Dos and Don'ts of Baby Talk

You have a big role when it comes to baby's language development. Learn how to talk to your little one the right way, so that she'll be communicating before you know it.