Speech Development Warning Signs

Are you worried that your child's speech development is not progressing? Here are four signs that you should talk to your pediatrician.


[MUSIC] Chances are your child's speech skills are developing normally. But, if you're worried that he's not progressing, look for these four warning signs. If your child is not babbling at all. Stops making sounds, or doesn't advance to consonant sounds by around nine months. Speak to your doctor. Another red flag might be if your child doesn't respond to loud noises. When that ambulance whirrs by, do you notice your child's head turning, or at least detect a clear recognition of the sound on her face? If not, have her hearing checked. Pointing is another important skill. Your child should develop pointing by around his first birthday to let your know he's spotted something. Or identify something he wants. And notice whether your child is using other gestures. Such as shaking her head no when she doesn't want something. [MUSIC] And make sure she's making eye contact with you. If you see any of these red flags, visit with your pediatrician, who can help you assess your child's development, and determine if an early intervention treatment program might be necessary. Don't panic or jump to conclusions, though. Remember. While half of all babies can say some words by age one, the other half just need a few more months to get there.

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