Social Development

Your baby's social and emotional development is amazing to watch. She'll delight you with smiles, coos, and giggles - and frustrate you with screaming and crying. Here you'll learn about your baby's blossoming personality and how to nurture her no matter her social style.

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Science Says Babies as Young as 6 Months Can Be Biased Against Different Races
New research suggests babies as young as 6 months old show signs of bias against people of different races.
Babies Know When You're Angry, and Want to Appease You
New research finds babies won't easily forget seeing anger-prone behavior in adults, even if that behavior is directed at someone else.
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He's not just giggling—he's getting an education.
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Signs of a Happy Baby
You probably learned the signs (and sounds) of an unhappy newborn early on. But the signs of happiness can be more mystifying. Baby doesn't even hit the first true happiness milestone, smiling, until after the first month! Here's how to tell if your tyke is feeling fine.
Raise a Friendly Baby

There's no doubt about it: Your baby is a born charmer. And there's a lot you can do to help build her social skills.