Signs Your Baby is Learning to Walk

Crawling: Check. Standing: Check. Looks like it's time for your baby to walk!


[MUSIC] By nine to 11 months your baby can stand with support, and the baby is probably starting to cruise, and at some point your baby is probably going to let go and take a few steps on his own. The first couple steps your baby takes will probably be a surprise to him, he may even fall down, but that's okay he'll get it. You can help encourage your baby to learn to walk by using something like a push toy or you can hold the baby with both hands at first and then ultimately with one hand. And then you can even let go. But just be there to encourage your baby, and even give them a "come on, you got it, come to me, you got it". There is a large range of times that babies can start walking. Twelve months is probably the average, but you really don't need to be concerned if your baby isn't walking unless they're over eighteen months, if that's the case, let your pediatrician know and you can talk about it.

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