Signs Your Baby Is Learning to Talk (8-12 months)

The last few months of your baby's first year are an exciting time for language development. Here are seven signs your cutie is learning how to talk.


[MUSIC] The last few months of your baby's first year are an exciting time for you and your child. It's when she'll start to put vowels and consonants together to make more complicated sounds like ma and da and ba. And here are six more signs that she's learning to talk. She begins to imitate sounds you make. You say da and then she says it, too. Your child responds when you say his name. And your baby understands the word, no. He might even shake his head if he doesn't want something. Around nine months, your child can sing along with familiar tunes by just mimicking the melody she hears. Sing regularly to her, if you like. And your baby might say her first words. Some common ones are no, dad, ball, milk. She may not say them perfectly at first, but it's gratifying to her when you recognize what she's trying to say. By responding to it you are rewarding your child and inspiring him to speak even more. Be patient about hearing the word mom. It's a harder sound for a baby to make, and probably won't come until she's a bit older. And don't worry if your child takes a little longer to start speaking. While first words begin before or around her first birthday, it's not unusual to start as late as 15 months.

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