Signs Your Baby is Learning to Stand

Before you know it, your baby is going to be standing, so make sure you're ready!


[MUSIC] Standing, like crawling, happens in stages, fo, so for example, your four month old is now able to bear a little bit of weight on their feet when you hold them from their armpits, or also known as their. The five, six-month-old is probably putting even more weight on their feet. And the seven-month-old may start to bounce when you put them on their feet. At about eight, nine, ten-month-olds your baby is probably. Be pulling to a standing position. And you may find that your baby is standing now in their crib, so you'll go in their room in the morning, and they're standing, using the, the railings of the crib. At about ten, 11 months, your baby is now. Cruising along furniture, using the coffee table, or the sofa. By 12 months your baby may be standing by himself with no support, or very little support from you. Sometimes your baby discovers that they're standing and they didn't even know that they had the ability to stand. And when they discover it they. Sort of freak out a little and plop down and fall. You can help encourage your baby to stand and cruise by keeping them barefoot. Socks can sometimes be slippery. You also want keep your baby safe, so make sure that sharp corners of the coffee table or the dinner table, all the edges are, are covered. [MUSIC]

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