Signs Your Baby is Learning to Sit Up

Sitting doesn't happen all at once. Learn more about the stages your baby will go through before he's sitting on his own.


[MUSIC] Your baby develops strength from the head down. So a newborn baby just is developing a little bit of head strength. And then as your months go by. You'll notice that you're baby's developing more and more strength, and it works from the head down. So the shoulders will get stronger, the core is getting stronger, the waist, that's when their starting to sit up, then ultimately their legs and that's when they'll start to bounce. Sitting happens in stages, so your four month old can sit, but with your support. So you have to give a lot of support around the waist. A five month old and a six month old, they can sit by themselves, but they may need to do the tripod positioning. A seven month old can probably sit by himself without any support, and an eight month old can sit by himself steadily without any support. You can help your baby try and sit by putting them in the tripod position, so some of the pressure and some of the support. Is gonna be on the hands. When your baby is first learning to sit, make sure you practice this on the floor, so they're not falling from the height. [MUSIC].

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