Signs Your Baby is Learning to Roll Over

Think your baby is ready to roll over? Here are a few ways you can encourage her.


[MUSIC] Your baby will probably begin to roll over at about four months. Now initially they may just roll over to the side, one side. And then the other side. And then ultimately you'll find that your baby rolls completely over from tummy to back or back to tummy. Usually the baby will first roll tummy to back. But not always. You can help encourage your baby to roll, by tickling your baby or showing them some interesting things to the one side or the other side. So once your baby can roll from the back to the tummy, you can leave your baby that way. A five month old, will often, you put them in one side of the crib and then you go in, in an hour or so, and they are in a completely different position and a completely different. Part of the crib so you don't have to keep flipping the baby on their back once they are able to roll themselves. [MUSIC]

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