Sign Language Animations: 9 Outdoor Words

Baby Sign Language: Greetings
Why teach children sign language? It helps babies learn to communicate before they can talk, and teaches kids to appreciate a language used by some of the deaf community. Start with these easy signs for things found outside.


Starting up near your shoulders in front of your body, open and close your fingers as if they were falling raindrops.


1. Pinch together your thumb and pointer fingers, splaying out the other fingers on your hand.

2. Drag that hand up and away from your face a few inches, as if you were tracing a cat's whiskers.


With your hand at your side, tap your hip with your hand, then snap your fingers to the side.


1. Squeeze the tips of your fingers together to form a point, and place that hand beneath one eye.

2. Bring that hand to the same spot under your other eye. Repeat.


1. Place your arms in front of you so that your fingertips touch and your elbows are splayed out (as if your arms were the roof of a house).

2. Bring your hands parallel to one another, as if you were holding the sides of a house.

3. Drag your hands down, as if you were tracing the side walls to the ground.


1. Bring your hands, wrists touching and palms facing you, to the side of your body.

2. Wave your hands up and out.


Pretend to hold onto and turn a steering wheel in front of your body.


1. Hold out the pointer and middle finger of one hand in front of you, tucking the rest of your fingers into your palm.

2. Bring your other hand in front of your two fingers, rotating it up and down.


1. Place both hands in front of you as if holding on to a baby stroller.

2. Push outward and pull back in toward your body.
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Help your baby say hello and goodbye with these greeting signs.

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