Baby Sign Language: Starter Signs

Ready to learn baby sign language? Begin with these eight commonly used words.


So let's start with some commonly used signs. More. Your fingers and your thumbs touch and then your hands come together at midline, more. You can also sign again. Again. More and again. If you had enough, you can sign finished, I'm all done. I'm finished. Just shaking it off your hands. If you want something, hold it towards you. I want. And if you don't want it, take it and throw it away. I don't want. I want, I don't want. Help. One hand supports the other as it looks out help. If you want help, bring it towards you and if you're offering help, it goes away from you. Help me, I'll help you. Help. Please and thank you. So please is rubbing your heart, and thank you is moving away from your chin.

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