Baby Sign Language: Greeting Signs

Your baby understands before they are able to verbalize, so signing is a great way to interact. Special thanks to Melissa van Wijk, Founder of Signing Up (SigningUpLLC).


[MUSIC] It takes a while for babies to develop speech however their understanding develops earlier than that. Around seven months or so is a great time to start signing with babies because that's when certain developmental elements start to fall into place that they need for signing. The sign for hello is like this, you just take your hand tap it by your forehead and move it out, hello. And goodbye is the same as it is for hearing people, you just wave and that's goodbye. Good Morning, this is the sign for good, this is good and this morning, so good morning goes good. Morning. This mimics the sunrise. So this is good, morning. And then goodnight goes, good, night. Good, night. [MUSIC]

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