Baby Sign Language: Family Signs

Teach your baby these signs so he can identify each family member personally. Special thanks to Melissa van Wijk, Founder of Signing Up (SigningUpLLC).


[MUSIC] Signing with babies can be amazingly helpful, because it gives them a tool for expression before they've developed speech. The way it works in American Sign Language is that the female signs are below the nose, and the male signs are above the nose. The sign for mom is an open hand, and you tap it by the chin. Mom. The sign for dad is the same open hand, but you tap it by the forehead. Dad. The sign for grandma is that same open hand again, and you bounce it twice. Every generation gets a hop in American sign language. So this is grandma. And then this is grandpa. Grandpa. So grandma, grandpa. And then the sign for brother and sister. Sister is two fists and thumbs. You tap your thumb by your chin. And then when your hand comes out, your index fingers point out. So sister. Sister. Brother. You tap it by the forehead, brother. [MUSIC]

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