Baby Sign Language: Family Members

Long before your baby can say mama, he can learn the word in sign langauge.


-It might take your baby a little while to say mama or dada, but when they do call you by name, it's so exciting. And imagine the smile in grandma's face. So here are a few signs to get you started with your family members. Mom, it's an open five-hand with your thumb in your chin, mom. Dad, the same open five-hand with your thumb in your forehead, dad. Mom and dad. For grandparents, you show the generations, so you start with Mom and bounce out twice, you have the sign for grandma, grandma. For grandma, you start with Dad and bounce out twice to show the generation, grandpa. Mom, grandma. Dad, grandpa. Sister and brother. You may have noticed that the female signs take place around the chin. The sign for girl is tracing the jaw line for a balanced strength, and the signs for boy is build a cap. So based on that, we have sister and brother.

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