What You Need to Know About Your Youngest Child

Your youngest child might have his older siblings to thank for some of his personality traits. Watch this video to find out why.


The youngest child loves her role as the pampered baby of the family. But when mom and dad stretched so thin, she's liable to be swept along to older kids' basketball games and ballet classes while rarely getting time alone with you. Older siblings may feel jealous that you go easy on your baby. This may cause them to exclude her or play too rough. Some babies may fall back on their charm and become entertainers like Billy Crystal, Eddie Murphy, and Whoopi Goldberg who are also the youngest children in their families. On the downside, with so many people around to step in and solve problems, the youngest child may become dependent and irresponsible. Here are some tips for raising the youngest child. Spend time alone with your youngest no matter how overburdened your schedule is. Assign her tasks and chores that help foster her independence. Praise her for specific accomplishments to help her feel confident. Finally, teach her to assert herself instead of having others handle everything for her. She'll blossom into a confident adult even if she'll always be your baby.

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