Sibling Issues

When a new member of the family arrives, sibling issues are prone to arise. Here you'll learn how to help a big brother or sister adjust to their new sibling and ensure a smooth transition for everyone.

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How to Help Your Kid Deal With the Disappointment of Not Having a Sibling

Kids may ask for a younger sister or brother at various phases of life. Here's how to support them through the disappointment of not having a sibling when they really want one.

My Daughter Grew Up Before My Eyes When She Became a Big Sister, and I Wasn't Ready

My 3-year-old went from being a baby to a big kid right when I walked through the front door with my newborn. She was ready to be a big sister, but it was a transition I learned that I wasn't prepared for.

Firstborn Children Are More Intelligent Than Their Younger Siblings, Study Suggests

"With each subsequent child, parents tend to relax to a greater extent what they might deem as non-essential needs for their kids," a researcher told Today.

Moms Share Best and Worst Ways to Prepare Your Child for a New Baby

Your cozy little threesome is about to become a party of four. Even though you’ve been psyching up your child for the big change, you might feel a little (okay, a lot) worried about the disruption that’s about to happen. Here, real moms of two or more share helpful tips, funny moments, and honest mistakes they made along the way.

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Awww... 54 Adorable Photos of Kids Meeting the New Baby

Some kids are overjoyed when they're introduced to their new baby brother or sister; others, not so much (who is this new, tiny person taking up all of mom's attention?!). Either way, that first meeting makes for a heartwarming (and sometimes hilarious) photo op. Take a look at these adorable first encounters...

How to Help Your Firstborn Adapt to Baby

Worried that the new baby is going to upset your older child? Use these simple steps now to help them be the best of friends.