Sibling Issues

When a new member of the family arrives, sibling issues are prone to arise. Here you'll learn how to help a big brother or sister adjust to their new sibling and ensure a smooth transition for everyone.

How Birth Order Affects Your Child's Personality and Behavior

Whether you're firstborn, middle child, last-born, or only child, birth order can have a big effect on your personality and behavior.

Two Children Under the Age of 2

A mom recalls the ups and downs of having two children so close in age.

How Birth Order Shapes Personality

Oldest, middle, youngest, or only child? Where you are can shape who you are.

How to Help Your Firstborn Adapt to Baby

Worried that the new baby is going to upset your older child? Use these simple steps now to help them be the best of friends.

How to Tell Your Toddler That You're Pregnant

Having a second baby? If your first child is still under 5, read on for advice on how to explain that a second child is on the way. Prepare your firstborn for your family's new addition.

Raising an Only Child

Parenting just one has its own joys and difficulties.

The Challenges of a Second Child

A tale of two children.

Dealing with Sibling Rivalry

What to expect between siblings and how to ease the tension.

Double Duty: Adjusting to Life With a Second Child

The first few months with a second child can seem like a juggling act. We'll make it easier to keep all the balls in the air.

Sibling Squabbles and Fighting

Kids fight over everything from the TV to who gets to sit next to Daddy at dinner. Short of locking each child up in a separate room, what's a parent to do?

Q&A: Is This My "Bloody Show"?

Find out what your "bloody show" might look like.

7 Super Sibling Benefits

Your baby benefits big-time from having an older sister or brother at home. What a sibling can do to show your little one the ropes.

Gender Reveal Fail! This Little Girl REALLY Doesn't Want a Baby Brother

These parents' yummy plan to reveal the gender of baby #3 to their daughters with cupcakes totally doesn't work out.

What You Need to Know About Your Youngest Child

Your youngest child might have his older siblings to thank for some of his personality traits. Watch this video to find out why.

Welcoming a New Sibling

When a newborn comes home, don't be surprised if your toddler regresses from big kid to baby -- and back again.

Awww... 54 Adorable Photos of Kids Meeting the New Baby

Some kids are overjoyed when they're introduced to their new baby brother or sister; others, not so much (who is this new, tiny person taking up all of mom's attention?!). Either way, that first meeting makes for a heartwarming (and sometimes hilarious) photo op. Take a look at these adorable first encounters...

Becoming the Big Brother or Sister

The arrival of a new baby brother or sister can be traumatic for a toddler. Read on for tips on how to ease the transition.

Preparing Your Child for the New Arrival

How to get your child ready for her new brother or sister.

5 Ways to Ease the New Sibling Blues

Help your child deal with a squalling, red-faced intruder.

Loving a Second Child

Don't worry about not having enough love left over for a second child--your bond will grow strong in time.

Snooki Schools JWoww on How to Introduce Baby #2 to Her Daughter

'Jersey Shore' BFFs Snooki and JWoww talk about how to introduce a new baby to a potentially jealous big sibling.

Whoa! 3 Sons, 3 Super-Strong Reactions to Their Mom's Pregnancy News

Well, at least this mom knows exactly how her sons feel about adding another sibling to the family.

Moms Share Best and Worst Ways to Prepare Your Child for a New Baby

Your cozy little threesome is about to become a party of four. Even though you've been psyching up your child for the big change, you might feel a little (okay, a lot) worried about the disruption that's about to happen. Here, real moms of two or more share helpful tips, funny moments, and honest mistakes they made along the way.