Development Problems

Do you suspect your baby might have some developmental delays?Here you'll learn what to watch for, when to bring your pediatrician into the conversation, and more.

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How to Prevent Flat Head

Follow these tips to prevent plagiocephaly, a skull deformity caused by head molding in babies.
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Milestones: Red Flags to Watch at 5 to 7 Months

Each baby grows at a different speed but generally at 5 to 7 months, you can expect to see your baby rolling over and sitting. Consult a doctor if you are concerned or notice any loss of skills.
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Milestones: Red Flags to Watch For From Birth to 4 Months

New babies are constantly learning and growing—but each newborn will progress at a different speed. Talk to your doctor if you notice any of these developmental red flags.
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Study: Newborns, Especially Preemies, Experience Too Much Pain

Pain that newborns experience from routine medical procedures can be significant, especially in premature infants, a new AAP study finds.
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Grow Baby Grow

Growth spurts often get the blame for a whole host of puzzling behaviors, from stepped-up feedings to sleep disruptions and sudden fussiness. But are they really the culprit? Or is there something else causing your baby's shift in schedule? Read on to find out what could be caused by a baby growth spurt.
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Is It Autism? First Signs and Important Treatments

Learn more about the very first signs of autism, how it's being treated, and why early intervention is crucial to helping the development of your little one. 
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More Development Problems

Baby Physical Growth: Delayed Crawling

If your baby is not crawling, cruising, or walking yet, don't panic. Here's why.
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Understanding Your Baby’s Height and Weight Percentile

Pounds and inches obsess parents of babies. Here, pediatricians give the facts on growth during the first year and answer the most common questions parents have about baby growth percentages.
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Understanding Developmental Delays

There's a lot to know about your child's development. Here, our experts define what a developmental delay is, and explain what parents can do to help.