Playing With Baby: Tummy Time

Tummy time is crucial for Baby's physical development. Help your bundle of joy enjoy this time by trying these expert-approved techniques, such as adding props to keep him engaged.


[MUSIC] Tummy time is important for babies. It's the only way they're gonna really learn to crawl. They need to be on their bellies in order to learn to propel their bodies forward. To push off with their feet. And also to gain the strength in the back of their neck, which will lift up their chest, as well as support in the spine. Right here, Blake is doing a really nice job lifting his neck, and really having the tummy time activity. And you notice, I put in some props up front here, including a baby mirror so that they have something to look for. Also, while their baby is on their belly, they'll be using their arms to push off, which is also really crucial in learning to develop the skills needed to crawl. And when they're stretching on the floor, reaching out for their toys and their whole body's engaged, it's called the head to tail stretch. It really allows the full body to work. Another way to have some tummy time is where babies can be on your shins, and you can rock them. [MUSIC] He gets to balance himself up on your legs. He gets to feel what it's like flying through the air. And bouncing is great too. And you guys can stay there as long as you like. Not to mention you get a great little ab workout too, while you're down there. [MUSIC]

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