Playing With Baby: Let the Music Play

Adding music to playtime is always a great experience for Baby. Sway her side to side or sing while she's playing with a toy.


So now we're gonna do an activity where you can sing, dance, and play with your babies in a way that they can experience their own weight in gravity. And let's have Blake and Aiden look at each other, and why don't we sing together a sing that they know, and you know, and just swing their bodies like this. [MUSIC] [MUSIC] Adding music to your playtime with you and your baby is a great way to spend time together. And you can gently sway them from side to side or gently move around. You're singing, they're hearing the music, and they're moving. They're feeling the rhythm, and it's a great experience for their body, and you too. Your baby loves your voice and responds to your voice. So sing whatever you like. One of the ways I like to create multi sensory experiences for babies is to have music and toys, together. [MUSIC] Take some small instruments or some gentle rattles and do some tapping on your baby's body while you're singing. In this way you're actually stimulating the muscles, you're encouraging the baby to feel the music and the rhythm in their body. You're doing the activity together, and it's a great opportunity for baby to experience music, movement and play. [MUSIC]

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