Your Baby's Physical Development: Month 10

As you head into the 10th month, you might find it hard to believe that time is passing so quickly. Here are some of the milestones you might see this month.

If your baby hasn't already started cruising furniture or walking while holding on to walls, you might see him do so this month. Many 10-month-olds are getting ready to take their first steps (and some already have!), so keep an eye on how your little guy is progressing so you can help him meet his milestones.

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What to expect: Your baby might start to surprise you with his speed this month as he finds creative ways to get around the house all by himself. Baby may go through phases of enjoying solo play (in a babyproofed room), but you might also find that he enjoys the comfort of having a trusted caretaker nearby.

Some babies start to insist on being allowed to walk, rather than sit in the stroller or baby carrier. Follow Baby's lead whenever possible to avoid causing him too much frustration, and be sure to plan activities to allow for free movement between stretches of having your baby strapped into a car seat or stroller.

Progression: As the month goes on, Baby will likely become more and more proficient with fine motor skills and may take those first steps if he hasn't already.

How to help: Now is the time to keep a close eye on Baby as she's pulling up and grabbing furniture, walls, and doors for support, because little fingers can easily become pinched. When Baby is inside, allowing her to go barefoot can help her gain confidence on her feet, but it's time to consider buying some shoes if you haven't already. "Soft, flexible shoes that you can bend in half are great for when you are outside," says Wendy Sue Swanson, M.D., a Parents advisor, mother of two, and author of the blog Seattle Mama Doc. "You want babies to be able to use their feet and toes to grip the ground." Baby may also find it fun to crawl over cushions and pillows.

Don't freak out if: Baby has days (or weeks) of being clingier than usual. This is likely because of teething or hitting a milestone such as walking. Many babies need to check in with their caregivers for reassurance around big events.

When you should worry: If your baby isn't developing leg strength and doesn't seem interested in playing or eating, call your care provider.

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