Playing With Baby: Get Moving

A great way to encourage Baby to move is to surround him with toys on the floor. Here are some ideas to get your munchkin interested in crawling around.


Great way to play with your baby is just right on the floor with them. To have them down on the floor playing with toys really allows them to use their whole body for reaching, for stretching, for their legs pushing off on the floor. It really gets them motivated, and it gets them moving. Once your baby's moving and really confident, you can purchase a pop up tunnel. Put your baby at one end and you can go in the other end. Put some toys in the middle. It will really motivate them and get them moving. You can look in and they can look out. And then it's a fun peekaboo game as well. And it's a great way to practice moving, especially when there's toys. To inspire and motivate. Well done, well done Anna Victoria. You got the prize right here. A great activity that I like to do with babies who are just on the verge of starting to crawl, is called the crab crawl. Take a blanket, you roll it up and you put it under the baby's chest and then you take the sides of the blanket and lift it up And you literally could start to slowly pick the baby up. What that does, is it allows baby to come up on their knees, with their arms in front. Puts them in the crawling position. This way we get him up on his knees. We get his arms using. And do you see what he's doing with his legs? To help make this a really fun and successful activity, put some toys out in front. Slightly out of their range, it'll motivate them to wanna crawl. [SOUND] The crab crawl is a great activity for you and your baby to do together, and it does get them ready for the real thing.

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