Checklist: Signs Your Baby May Have a Vision Problem

Your baby's vision is crucial to her intellectual development. Here are some common symptoms of vision problems in babies.

Are you worried that your little one is having problems with his eyes? Learn what could be wrong and whether to call the doctor.

___ She doesn't seem to notice you or can't see you across the room.

___ She can't see an object until it's up close.

___ She gropes for an object when you offer it to her.

___ She tilts her head at a funny angle in order to look at something.

___ One of her eyes is lazy or weakly holds focus.

___ Her pupil is white or has white spots.

___ The iris of one or both eyes appears cloudy.

___ One or both of her eyelids droop.

___ Her eyes show excessive tearing, blinking, or light sensitivity.

___ There is persistent redness, swelling, or discharge in or around her eyes.

___ Her eyes wander, look crossed, or move erratically.

___ She rubs her eyes frequently.

Bring up your vision concerns with your baby's pediatrician as you have them -- many eye issues can be solved early if caught early.

Excerpted from the Ages & Stages weekly baby newsletter, Week 31.

Originally published on, May 2006.

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