Puppet_Red and black design

We decorate babies' rooms in pastel colors and dress them in soft tones. But did you know that infants' vision is more stimulated by bold colors and patterns?

As their visual acuity -- or their ability to determine shapes and colors -- develops, babies respond best to contrasting colors and patterns. That's why these print-and-mount, black-and-white pattern cards may be so exciting for your infant!


Download and print out the picture cards below on your home printer, and mount them to sturdy cardboard. Use these cards as a "baby book," describing what you see. Toss the book in your baby's diaper bag for visual stimulation on the go.

You can also use Velcro to mount these cards to a flat surface, such as in front of baby's crib or where he feeds. (Test the surface first since the glue from the Velcro can damage many surfaces.) Change the cards every couple of days to provide a novel environment.

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Originally published on, March 2005.

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