Physical Skills at 8-12 Months

By the time your baby is 8 months old, he's likely made huge strides toward mobility. And it won't be long before he is crawling and walking! Here's a quick look at the physical milestones you can expect to see in the coming months.

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Milestone: Sitting Unassisted

baby sitting
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At this age, most babies have super strong neck and core muscles, and can sit comfortably without support. As his core grows even stronger, Baby will start to reach for nearby toys.

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Milestone: Crawling on His Belly

baby crawling to toy
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During tummy time, your little one likely wants to pull himself forward using his arms. This is the precursor to crawling, but some babies progress straight from scooting on their tummy to walking!

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Milestone: Resting on Hands and Knees

baby crawling
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If you haven't already noticed your babyresting on her hands and knees and preparing to crawl, you soon will! She may rock back and forth to get used to the idea of moving forward or backward. Brace yourself: She'll soon be mobile!

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Milestone: Moving from Sitting to Crawling

baby crawling
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Now that Baby is used to being on her hands and knees, she'll start to push herself forward or backward. Since her arms are stronger than her legs, she may begin backward and then figure out how to propel herself forward to reach an object. To encourage forward crawling, place a small toy, such as a rattle, just out of her reach.

Some children never crawl and instead scoot on their bottoms or pull themselves along on their stomachs. This is perfectly fine as long as she's learning to coordinate both sides of her body. Consult your pediatrician if you feel your baby is not moving normally.

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Milestone: Pulling Up

baby standing up holding parents leg
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Baby won't stay content with crawling for long. He'll want to walk like everyone else! To prepare for walking, your little one will begin to pull up into a standing position to practice his balancing skills. When he first begins to stand, he may not understand how to get out of the position. Physically show him how to bend his knees safely into a sitting position.

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Milestone: Walking

learning to walk
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When your baby finally becomes bored of balancing in just one position he's ready for walking. Soon Baby will toddle along while holding onto any type of furniture he can reach. His first steps will be shaky, so make sure you are supervising the big event!

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