30 Adorable Babies Who Give Us Serious #HairGoals

Parents.com readers shared some super-cute photos of their babies with gorgeous hair.

With babies with lush locks going viral on the Internet—remember the little girl with 'Anchorman' hair and three-month-old Coral with her raven mane?—we asked Parents.com readers to share pics of their gorgeously coiffed tykes with us on Facebook. Moms and dads (and even some aunts and friends) posted more than 1,000 adorable photos! Check out some of the babies who give their parents—and all of us—serious #HairGoals. We admit we're jealous!

"My beautiful baby girl. She turns 5 months old tomorrow. I had horrible horrible heartburn my entire pregnancy. Her hair is always wild and crazy. Usually sticking up in the back and it's a couple inches long in the back. We call it her mini mullet."—Lindsy Carranza

"This is my daughter Genevieve who is a rainbow baby (born after 2 losses) 7 weeks old as you can see she was born with a nice full head of red hair!"—Ally Riley

"My daughter Aria 3 months old. We like to style her hair like different celebrities."—Kristen Patrick Mazzotta (See more here)

"My niece.. she's only 5 months old. She was born with a head full of jet black straight hair... now it's getting lighter and curly. She looks like a little Shirley Temple."—Sara Pinky

"This is my son Niam, he is a year old and was born with a full head of hair and we ended up cutting it around 9 months! Love his hair in this picture!"—Zankhana Patel Lad

"My little Dallas is two months old with some wild hair, blue eyes, and the cutest smile ever."—Richelle De La O

"My baby girl Harper is only 4 months and already got baseball legend Tony Olivia's attention with her crazy hair!"—Tara Johnson

"My son Dillon was born with a full head of hair. By 8 months he had a tail down the middle of his back. He got his first haircut at 9 months & I m often stopped by people commenting on how beautiful his hair is. He had gorgeous natural highlights!"—Karice Parada

"This is my son Esaias. He just turned 4 months. He was born with so much hair and it makes him look like such a dapper young man."—Anaka Rivera

"My beautiful baby girl who is 3 months old was born with wild hair. It stands up and doesn't go down. I love it and it definitely gets attention wherever we go."—Ashley Hunhoff

"My sweet baby girl (Harper Rose Wixson) just turned 4 months and she has super crazy hair I can't do anything with it lol I had no heartburn at well while pregnant, you can't tell by just looking at her but she has 3 heart conditions and will have a procedure July 20th to fix 2 of them shes my miracle baby and I couldn't imagine my life without her she's the happiest baby i know and she always puts a smile on my face."—Heather Roberts

"Our daughter Stella Marena at 5 weeks old! Born with a full head of dark, spiky hair! Her dad (on the left) is very proud and envious."—Emily Waye-MacSwain

"My now 16 month old Abigail has had a full head of hair since birth and ponytails since about 2 months old!!"—Danielle Beaver Lindseth

"I can't do anything with his hair. I comb it and it sticks back up! My little premie baby was born with this much hair but in the last months it's gotten longer and more wild! He's Mr. Popular when we are out and about! People go crazy over his hair!"—Letty Aragon

"My baby at 3 months old. Her hair is so puffy and thick she was born with a just big thick head of hair as well. I brush it and goes up all poofy again lol."—Amanda Kinser

"Our little girl had a full head of hair at birth but it is insanely long and people always comment lol."—Heather Prasad

"Born with crazy head full of hair, never fell out just hot thicker and thicker. People asked us ALOT if it was real?!! Lol no i put a wig on my kid hahaha. Now she is 5 and I have been having her hair THINNED since she was probably 2 every 6-8 weeks."—Heidi Cassiday

"Lorelai was only a few weeks old in this picture. She is 4 now with "Rapunzel hair" down to her butt. This picture is still one of of my favorites!"—Allison O'Quinn

"I had horrible heartburn my whole pregnancy! While I was crowning my midwife was playing with my daughters hair and told me 'there's a ponytail sticking out!' Haha!"—Emilie Washington

"My little crazy hair man, Connor! His hair never lays flat, always crazy and I couldn't love it more! Just turned 3 months old."—Katie Tuladziecki

"Our lil girl at 6 months old. She was born wearing a wig."—Beth Black Kurtz

"Our Hazel is 12 weeks old! Both myself and my husband were born with a lot of hair but she takes the cake!"—Jenna Dorman

"My baby Sylvia is 4 months old and she can already rock a braid."—Nicole Stanley

"My son Deegan, 2 months old. He was born with a natural mohawk lol. His hair won't lay down."—Jessamyn Fenton

"This is my daughter, Madelyn, she is 3.5 months old and she was born with a full head of wild and crazy hair!"—Tara Grillo Powell

"This is my Allie. She is 7 months old. Born with a head full of hair."—Holly Burgess

"My silly daughter Scarlet, 3 months old. Born with so much hair."—Xochitl Guzman

"My daughter Sophie Isabelle Lee, only 4 months old, check out this hair! born with a full head."—Deanna Hamel

"4 months tomorrow. She came into this world and the first thing the doctor said was, "Oh my goodness, look at all of that hair!'"—Tee Bee

"Almost 7 months old, we've had to cut her hair twice already to prevent a mullet. Always getting compliments on her hair."—Mary Tingey