Activities to Enhance Your Child's Cognitive Development: 6-9 Months

Raising Your Child
These interactive activities will teach your baby about her senses. The more she explores, the faster her cognitive skills will develop.

Let Her Discover Sound

Let your baby discover that different objects have different sounds by giving her items like a bell, rattle, xylophone, or drum.

Stimulate Her Senses

Put your baby on a quilt made of different fabrics or with different patterns. She will be able to see and touch the difference.

Make a Toy Box

Fill a box with objects made of different materials, such as metal, plastic, and wood. Let your baby dump out the box and explore the contents. She'll notice they feel different, and when she hits the objects with a wooden spoon, she'll listen to the different sounds they make.

Teach Her Cause and Effect

Play cause-and-effect games, such as filling a container with objects, water, or sand, and then dumping it out or building a tower with blocks and knocking it down. (She may never tire of that game!)

Have a Treasure Hunt

Partially hide an object under a blanket and ask your baby where it is. At this age, children are able to mentally recreate the whole object even If they can see only part of it.

Kathryn Gamble
Kathryn Gamble

Expose Her to Texture

Give your baby a pile of differently textured clothes and linens. Let her explore the differences between smooth cotton sheets and nubby cotton towels, between leather and cloth belts, between rubber sandals and canvas sneakers.

Raising Your Child

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