Activities to Boost Cognitive Development: 3-6 Months

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Read to Him

Reading to baby

Read colorful picture books with your baby! He'll love looking at the bright colors and bold, contrasting patterns while listening to your voice.

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Tell Him About Your Day

Talking to baby

Talk with your baby. Engage him in conversation from the day he is born, being sure to maintain lots of eye contact.

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Hang Mirrors At His Level

Baby looking into mirror

Attach an unbreakable mirror to the crib or next to the changing table so your baby can see his face and movements. Place a large mirror low on the wall so he can look at himself when he is playing on the floor. Your baby won't understand that he's looking at his own reflection, but he will enjoy seeing that person moving his arms and smiling at him.

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Provide Noisy Toys

Playing with rattle

Provide toys that make music or different sounds, especially those that make noise whenever your baby touches them. He'll learn that the cause and effect of hitting particular toys is getting to hear pleasant sounds.

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Introduce Him to a Variety of Sounds

Playing with baby

Show your baby how different objects have different sounds by comparing a bell to a rattle or a drum.

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Show Him New Textures

Playing with baby

Give your baby easy-to-clean objects with different textures that he can feel and put in his mouth.

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Raising Your Child

Raising Your Child

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More Activities for 3-6 Month Babies

Smile at Him

Get more ideas from Raising Your Child: The Complete Illustrated Guide to help with your baby's development.

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