Intellectual Growth

Your baby is absorbing everything as her brain grows. Learn how to stimulate cognitive development with our brain-boosting games, and activities geared to helping your baby develop intellectually.

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5 Ways to Boost Your Baby's Brainpower
These simple activities will help nurture your little one's growth and will help you connect too.
Reading to Children Can Give Them a Million-Word Leg Up in Kindergarten, Study Says
A new study finds a "million word gap" between children who are read to a lot and those who aren't read to at all.
3 Spanish Nursery Rhymes to Teach Your Child
These Spanish nursery rhymes can develop your child's literacy skills, putting him one step closer to learning another language.
Your Baby Knows Who's the Boss at Just 17 Months Old
Babies can tell who the boss really is when they're just 17 months old, according to new research. Crazy, right?
Science Says Kids Are Born With a Love of Superheroes
According to a new study, kids as young as 6 months old are drawn to those who protect the weak.
Babies Remember Their Native Languages Even If They Don't Speak Them, Research Shows
A new study says even if babies never spoke their birth language, they still retain it on some level.

More Intellectual Growth

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