Q: How do I take the pacifier away?

A: It's interesting, some babies love binkies...and some couldn't care less. I find that pacifier use (and thumb sucking, teddy bear love and blankie affection) are usually inherited directly from the mom or dad's side of the family.

If your baby loves it and is now 1-2 years of age, that may actually be a good thing!  Pacifiers can help kids deal with stresses like illness, fatigue, boredom and travel. So, there's no big rush to stop it unless your baby is one of the few infants who sucks so hard it makes them get frequent ear infections.

A word of advice, if you have a strong  family history of thumb sucking, don't be in a rush to stop the paci. You may find that taking the binkie away makes your baby start sucking the thumb. That can be a problem for a few reasons: 1) binkies are easier to keep clean than fingers 2) thumbs are more likely to cause dental problems, 3) it is much harder to wean a child off of the  thumb than from a  pacifiers.

Answered by Dr. Harvey Karp


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April 26, 2019
My baby sucks a pacifier I had him throw it away the two days ago, and the first night he slept ok, last night not so much and this afternoon he would not take a nap without it. I caved, while he sleeps I know it falls out should I sneak in and take it away before he wakes so he forgets he even had it because I feel like I took a step backwards or should I just let him have it?
December 1, 2018
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