Help Your Baby Learn to Talk

Studies have shown that chatty parents raise brainy kids. Try these simple ways to nurture language skills.


[MUSIC] The best way to get your baby talking is to talk to your baby. Here are five more tips to help them develop language skills. If he coos, coo back, and it's even better if you can build on the cooing. If she says, ba, while pointing to a ball. You can say yes, that is a ball. Would you like me to roll it to you? And the idea is to label an object and expand on the conversation your child starts. When your child isn't making noise, that's when it's time for you to narrate what you're doing. Just think of yourself as sports radio announcer calling the game. If you're in the kitchen you say, I'm making lunch so we can eat. Or I'm putting water in the pot and turning on the stove to heat the water. You can also try giving your child simple one step commands to follow like please hand me the toy truck or. Please put your wet diaper in the garbage. Keep the TV off as much as possible. Adults tend to talk to their child less when it's on, even when it's just on in the background. When the TV is on, try to use it as a jumping off point for language and communication, rather than as a babysitter. You can say, Oh look, Dora's running. Look how fast her feet are moving. The more you talk to your child and the more you can make it a two way dialogue, the faster her vocabulary will grow.

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