Baby Milestones: Your Baby's Twelfth Month

Your little one is really growing up! At 12 months, babies have a greater sense of independence and will be cruising around.


[MUSIC] Baby Milestones your 11-month old. Your 11 month old is now pulling up on furniture and cruising along the furniture to get to out of reach objects. You may even find that your 11 month old is standing alone for a few seconds. Though some 11 month olds do walk. Your baby now has more hand gestures, so there's more waving; there's more clapping, and there may be clapping to music. Your baby may now be saying mama,dada, specifically to Mama and Dada. Unlike before, where you were hearing mama, dada to everyone; now Mama may actually get mama, and Dada may actually get dada. Stranger anxiety is much more intense at this age. And it makes leaving your baby with a grandparent or a babysitter all the tougher. Their preferences are stronger. They know who they want. And they know when they want them. And your baby is far more independent now. Your baby is probably trying to help with feeding, maybe feeding himself. And your baby's probably cooperating a bit with dressing. So he may put the, his head through the head hole and his arms through the arm hole when you try to dress him. Makes things a little easier. These are some fun and interesting things to look for in the 12th month of life. [MUSIC]

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