Baby Milestones: Your Baby's Third Month

Get ready for the most exciting milestone yet: a smile!


Your 2-month-old now has better head control, and you can find that your 2-month-old will keep their head straight up without flopping to one side. You can now put your 2-month-old on their belly, and they'll actually push themselves up. Onto their elbows even at this point. Whereas in the first month the fists are clenched like this, in the two month period, you'll feel like you baby's hands are more open at rest. Vision is now far moved developed at two months, your baby can now track an object. As you move it along their face. Your baby is now making a lot more noises. They'll be cooing which is sounds without consonants and there will be some gurgling. But the greatest thing about the 2 month old is that they will now give you a real smile but you may have to work a little to get this rewarding grin. These are some fun and interesting things to look for during the third month. Parents. For more info about baby milestones, go to

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