Baby Milestones: Your Baby's Tenth Month

Get ready for the first signs of standing, and plenty of other milestones during the tenth month.


[MUSIC] Exciting things are happening for your nine month old. Your baby is probably crawling well, and your baby may be pivoting while he is sitting. So if your baby is sitting and he sees something out of his reach that he wants to get, he can pivot around and get to. To that object. Your nine month old is probably pulling to a standing position, so when you go in in the morning to say good morning to your baby you may find him standing up, holding on to the sides of the crib. Your nine month old is now able to pick up smaller objects. Instead of using that raking grasp, the baby's now using something called the pincer grasp. So you may find that your nine month old is now picking up something like a Cheerio and feeding itself. Your baby is now developing something called object permanence. This is where even though an object can't be seen by your baby, your baby still knows the object is there. This is kind of a fun time to start playing something like peekaboo so even when you're baby can't see you, your baby still knows you're there. Your baby is far more interested in now exploring his environment. So, if you leave your purse in front of your baby, your baby would go through your whole purse and pull things out. This is a time of real exploration. [MUSIC]

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