Baby Milestones: Your Baby's Sixth Month

Rolling, sitting, and more noises are just a few things to look forward to during the sixth month.


[MUSIC] Your five month old is probably rolling now from tummy to back, and may even be rolling from back to tummy. This is a stage where your baby will now be able to sit with minimal support from you. So if you put your hands on your baby's waist, they probably can sit for a few minutes. And you might even be able to let go. In the tripod position, the babies will put their hands forward. And you can let go for a few seconds and they'll sit by themselves. Your five-month-old has far better hand control now so you may find that they may purposely grab for objects. So if there's a rattle or something dangling over on a play mat, they'll pull the string if it makes music. At five months, your baby is making even more noises. So you've got cooing, gurgling, laughing, and now you might even get the raspberry. [MUSIC] This where your five month old does, that's a fun [LAUGH] five month old sound. Your five month old will enjoy looking in a mirror, an unbreakable mirror. But they won't realize that they're actually looking at themselves. They'll just enjoy looking at the mirror for hours. These are a few fun things to look for during your babies sixth month of life. [MUSIC]

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