Baby Milestones: Your Baby's Second Month

Your baby will be far more alert during his second month of life.


[MUSIC] Your one-month-old is becoming increasingly more alert and their vision is further developing, but they're still very near-sighted. So if you want your baby to really see something you have to bring it still very close to their face. And interestingly, they'll see contrast more so you want toys that are bright, either brightly colored or black and white. Toys. If you put your one-month-old on their belly, you'll find that they can briefly lift their head. Not enough necessarily to completely clear it so you wanna make sure that tummy time is supervised. When you put your one-month-old on their belly, they may look like they're even trying to crawl a little bit. When they're on their back, they may look like they're trying to ride a bike. The baby's arms and legs are still pretty jerky at this point. In fact, they probably don't even know that they're attached to their body. You may find that when you come towards your baby with a bottle or the breast, your baby will just instinctively know to open their mouths. One fun newborn reflex to do is something called the Grasp reflex. Where you put your finger inside your baby's palm and your baby will instinctively latch on and grab your finger. You may even have to use another hand to pry your finger out of their grasp. These are some fun and interesting things to look for during your baby's second month of life.

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