Baby Milestones: Your Baby's Ninth Month

You might just hear your baby utter "mama" and "dada" this month.


[MUSIC] Your eight-month-old is now sitting without any support, steadily. And your eight-month-old is probably beginning to crawl. Your baby may now be waving and even clapping. If you give your eight-month-old a toy rattle, he may purposely shake it. Now. If you gave your 8 month old two rattles, they'll be banging them together. Your baby is now developing stronger preferences, both for toys and for people. This is where we find that stranger anxiety develops. Your baby is now making all different sounds. You may hear some mama and some dada, but it's probably not specifically to mama and dada. These are a few fun and interesting things to look for during the ninth month. [MUSIC]

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