Baby Milestones: Your Baby's Fourth Month

Sounds will interest your four-month-old a whole lot more, and she'll be making more sounds of her own.


[MUSIC] Your 3-month-old has far more head control at this point, so when you hold your baby upright, they will hold their head right in the center. If you put your 3-month-old on their tummy, you'll find that the baby really picks themselves up now and rests their support on their elbows. Your three month old is making far more noises now. There'll be more cooing and more gurgling. You may find that your three month old now turns in the direction of sounds, so if you're having a conversation on one side of the room, your three month old may turn to look and listen. The vision is further developed. Recognizing more complex designs and may recognize you from further distance. But the best part is the giggle. You can get a full belly laugh at this point. These are some fun and interesting things to cool for during the 4th month of life. [MUSIC]

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