Baby Milestones: Your Baby's Fifth Month

During the fifth month, your baby is getting much stronger and their vision is fully developed.


[MUSIC] The four month old is a great stage. The vision is fully developed, so you and your baby can basically have a staring contest. Now your four month old should not have a head lag. This means when you pull your four month old up from a lying down position into a seated position, [MUSIC] The head should stay aligned with the neck and shoulders. If you don't find that the baby has this head control, you should mention it to your pediatrician. Physically, your four-month-old is getting stronger. So now if you dangle your four-month-old by their armpits, they'll bear some weight on the legs. And when you put your four-month-old down on their back, they may actually roll to one side or the other side. Your four-month-old now has some purposeful hand movements. Movements. So if you put your four month old under a play mat with an arch, you may find that they purposefully bat at toys. So they now know that their hand is attached to their body. Your four month old is started to squeal more, coo more, gurgle more, and laugh more. And they may even imitate sounds. These are some fun and interesting things to look for during the fifth month. [MUSIC]

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