Baby Milestones: Your Baby's Eleventh Month

Your 10-month-old will begin showing a great deal of preference when it comes to the toys and people she likes.


Your 10 month old is probably crawling now and maybe crawling well. Although some babies skip this step all together. Likely your baby is pulling up now in s standing position and may even be cruising along furniture to get to out of reach objects. Your baby has stronger preferences now. So he may be pointing and reaching for objects that he wants. He's babbling in a more complex way. So instead of just saying bah bah bah bah, he's now saying bah dah bah dah bah dah bah. So it's more mixed. Your baby now has object permanence. So even though he can't see an object, he knows its there. This might be exhibited in the high chair for example when your babies sitting in the high chair and he drops an object he'll look down to see where the object went. He may drop it and look at it and keep doing this again, and again, and again. Your baby is developing more of a personality now. His opinions and he has preferences. He knows what toys he wants and he knows what people he wants. Stranger anxiety gets much more intense at this point. These are a few fun and interesting things to look for in the 11th month of life. [MUSIC]

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