Baby Milestones: Your Baby's Eighth Month

Your baby will be sitting by her own by eight months, and may even be getting ready to crawl.


The seven month old stage is fun. The seven month old can now sit by himself, likely, without any support. Your seven month old is getting ready to crawl. They may crawl, but most of them at this point will just lunge forward, kind of starting to crawl. When you dangle your seven month old from their armpits-. They'll actually put weight on their, on the surface and bounce. Your seven month old has far greater control over their hands. He can reach for objects that he wants to hold on to. There's cooing, gurgling, laughing, and now there's babbling. Babbling is making sounds that are constants, like ba, ba, ba, not just vowel sounds anymore. Your babies is now repeating sounds that you make so you can sort of play something called echo [UNKNOWN]. This is where you say something and the baby repeats the sound, and then you say something and the baby repeats the sound. Become a fun seven month old game. [MUSIC]

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