Experimenting With Babies: Out on a Limb

See how your baby's understanding of cause and effect develops over time with this interactive experiment that you can try with your baby at 2, 3, and 4 months.


[MUSIC] Experimenting with babies. Test your baby's understanding of cause and effect with this experiment called out on a limb. You can safely perform this at home on your two to four month old baby as long as she's supervised, of course. For this experiment you'll need a yard of soft ribbon, [MUSIC] A mobile to hang above your child's crib, and your adorable little test subject. Start by gently laying your baby on her back in her crib. Next, loosely tie one end of the ribbon to one of your baby's wrists. Attach the other end of the ribbon to a mobile above her crib. Then, sit back and watch as your child makes the connection. That her movements activate the mobile. Research shows that the precision of her movements will vary. Depending upon her age. Two-month-olds are likely to move all four limbs. Roughly the same amount. Three month olds are likely to move their arms more than their legs. And four month olds may move the arm that's attached to the mobile most of all. You can repeat this experiment every month to see how your childs understanding of cause and effect improves with age. For safety reason, remove the ribbon from her crib after completing this experiment. [MUSIC]

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