Watch them crawl toward gender equality. 

By Kim Bongiorno

1. They don't care if the pacifier is pink, blue, or clear: Just hand it over to stop the crying.

2. They all believe they deserve the same amount of praise from others for the adorable things they do (like smile, burp, and lift their head).

3. They try to do everything themselves first.

4. #ShortHairDontCare

5. They enjoy stories with strong female characters just as much as ones with strong male characters.

6. They wear T-shirts with empowering messages on them.

7. If you try to quiet their opinions, they get louder to be heard.

8. They don't care whether you wear a bra, don't wear a bra, burn bras, or build your own bras: Just give them the milk, and make it snappy.

9. They do whatever they want to do simply because they want to, not because someone told them that they should.

10. They put women and men to work the moment they make their way into this world. (Clean me! Feed me! Hold me! Love me!)

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