Baby Milestones & Behavior

Learn how your baby's behavior changes each month during the first year, ways to connect with her, how to redirect bad behavior, and how to reward her when things go right.

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When Do Babies Laugh?

One of the most rewarding aspects of parenting is hearing your baby let out peals of laughter. Here’s when to expect your baby’s first laugh, and how to encourage the important developmental milestone. 

6 Weird Things Babies Do and Why

Whether it's touching themselves "down there" or producing never-ending fake coughs, understand your little ones' most peculiar habits.

Milestones at a Glance

Here's an age-by-age guide to your baby's developmental milestones. Remember that these ages are averages --kids each develop at their own rate.

How to Set Boundaries for Baby

He’s old enough to pull the dog’s tail and knock your glasses off but not yet able to understand the word no. Use these tactics to set boundaries and keep the chaos to a minimum.

12 Month Old Baby Milestones

Every one-year-old develops at a different pace. Here's what you need to know about 12 month baby milestones.

11 Month Old Baby Milestones

Strength and skill help your 11-month-old navigate the world. Find out more about 11 month baby milestones.

More Baby Milestones & Behavior

10 Month Old Baby Milestones

Now that your baby can probably pull himself up to a standing position, you’ll enjoy watching him explore the house. Here’s what to know about 10 month baby milestones.

9 Month Old Baby Milestones

During his ninth month, your baby’s increased mobility might get him into trouble. Here’s what you need to know about 9 month baby milestones.

4 Month Old Baby Milestones

As your baby progresses into the fourth month, expect her to show more interest in her surroundings. Here’s what you need to know about 4 month baby milestones.