Baby Milestones & Behavior

Learn how your baby's behavior changes each month during the first year, ways to connect with her, how to redirect bad behavior, and how to reward her when things go right.

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5 Major Ways Babies Change When They Become Toddlers and How to Prepare

Starting at 12 months, your baby is officially considered a toddler. And ready or not, things are going to change after that epic first-birthday cake smash. Here’s how.
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13 Signs Your Baby Loves You

How do you know your baby loves you back? Here are a few sweet, surprising ways she shows it, starting with those first few weeks all the way through the toddler years.
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6 Weird Things Babies Do and Why

Whether it's touching themselves "down there" or producing never-ending fake coughs, understand your little ones' most peculiar habits.
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When Do Babies Point? The Importance of Pointing Skills

Pointing is an important physical milestone for babies. Find out when your little one will develop this fine motor skill.
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High Needs Baby or a Fussy Newborn? Here's How to Know

Does your baby seem more high maintenance that others her age? Although the term "high needs baby" isn't a medical diagnosis, find out if she fits the description and how to cope.
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More Baby Milestones & Behavior

8 Weird Stages of Baby's Development

Babyhood is full of Flip-worthy moments, like your child's first gummy smile, first spoonful of rice cereal, and first time rolling over. However, in between those adorable milestones are plenty of maddening ones, like the 3 a.m. wake-ups, the tears when you hand him to someone else, and the cascade of objects he hurls from his high chair. Learn what's behind eight common first-year stages -- and smart tricks to help your child get over them faster.
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What the First Week With a Newborn is Really Like

Bringing home a baby is equal parts awesome and terrifying. But you’ll get through it, we promise. Use our guide so you aren't blindsided by feeling sore, sleepy, and a little weepy during those early days.
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Science Says Babies Sync Their Babbling and Pointing Earlier Than We Thought

A new study looks at how and when babies develop the ability to coordinate their speech and gestures, and the results are a bit surprising.