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19 month old

Your Growing Baby

Discipline Tips for Toddlers

Sometimes it's hard to suppress the giggles when your toddler does something naughty. She's just so darn cute! But don't be fooled by that adorable face and funny little personality—your kiddo is getting smarter by the day and needs loving discipline from you, even as a 1-year-old.

All parents have their own tried-and-true methods of discipline, perhaps because toddlers react differently to each method. It's good to remain flexible, because just when one technique is working well, your toddler won't respond to it and you'll have to try a new tactic.

Ignoring undesirable behavior works well with some kids, especially those prone to temper tantrums. Failure to get your attention might cause a tot to stop the explosion; it's not worth the kicking and screaming if nobody's listening.

Redirection and distraction work well if your tot is involved in an undesirable behavior and you want it to stop without making a big deal out of it. If you find your child doing something naughty, remove her from the situation, explain to her that the behavior is not appropriate, and involve her with another activity. You can also try removing a toy from the situation rather than a child.

You might want to try warnings and natural consequences if your toddler is being particularly stubborn. Give her a warning or two, then act: "I asked you twice to stop throwing sand so now we have to leave the sandbox."

Finally, there is the popular time-out. This might be especially effective when your toddler's emotions are high and she needs a couple of minutes to calm down. Whichever methods of discipline you choose, be consistent and loving. Children need boundaries and aren't too young to have them, especially as they are getting into more mischief!

Health and Safety Info

When to Call the Doctor

By now you're probably a pro at treating a painful diaper rash—but how about the other rashes that frequently crop up in childhood? These ordinary yet varied skin irritations can make your toddler uncomfortable and really itchy, so don't be surprised if he acts cranky and miserable.

Some common causes of welts, hives, and bumps are eczema, allergies, stings, fungus, illness or even heat. Whew! Because there are so many types of rashes and causes, your tot's pediatrician will probably need to see your child's skin to accurately diagnose the source of the rash and provide treatment.

You're likely to take your child to the pediatrician's office for a bad rash, but when else should you call the doctor? Vomiting, persistent stomach pain, a high fever, dehydration (potentially caused by vomiting, diarrhea, or high fever), respiratory distress, or the displaying of unusual behavior such as lethargy or belligerence beyond the normal toddler tantrum are all good reasons to phone the pediatrician. Nobody knows your toddler like you, so if you're worried or have doubts about his health, don't be embarrassed to call the doctor.

To help keep your tot well and avoid trips to the physician's office, encourage him to practice healthy habits. The simple act of hand-washing is highly effective in stopping the spread of germs and illness. While your child is too young to be responsible for his own dental hygiene, you can allow him to brush his teeth once you've done a thorough job, giving him plenty of praise for the effort. Using sunscreen, staying well-hydrated, getting plenty of play and rest, and of course having a well-balanced diet are all great habits for your entire family that will help keep everyone healthy and happy.


Family Vacation Ideas

Ah, vacation! You'd love to get away but worry that a trip with a toddler is impossible. While it's true that traveling with little kids presents additional preparation and planning, it can still be loads of fun and a special, memorable experience for your family. Thankfully the travel industry has begun catering more to families and those looking for multi-generational vacations, making a trip with a small child easier to plan.

Check your schedule; can you travel during off-peak? Unless you have school-age kids, vacationing during the school year is ideal—you'll have fewer crowds and might find good bargains or travel packages too.

When choosing your destination, look for family-friendly activities in the area that everyone can enjoy. The beach or a pool might be big draws for your family—just take plenty of sand toys and sunscreen! Museums, zoos, parks, and theme parks with plenty of little-kid rides can be a lot of fun. Check the theme park's Website for information on stroller rentals, diaper-changing areas, nursing rooms, and even restaurant menus to plan where you'll find toddler-friendly meals and snacks.

If you're looking for a hotel or resort, find one that caters to parents with young kids. In addition to toddler-friendly amenities such as comfortable, clean cribs and high chairs, ask if the resort has on-site child care services with programs to keep your little one entertained and safe. Many cruise lines offer family-oriented vacations, as well, if you want to hit the high seas.

Don't forget the great outdoors! Tote your tot in a terrific back carrier or a comfy kid-seat that attaches to your bicycle. Camping can be a lot of fun with little ones—and while they snooze, you can relax under the stars with a campfire and conversation.

Happy travels, Mom!

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