Flexing for the ladies, flashing a peace sign, and more: Parents.com readers share some of the surprising things they've seen in their ultrasound images. 


Is it a bird? An alien? Nope, it's a baby! Ultrasound photos often capture developing baby boys and girls in wacky ways—like the image that made one husband write, "My wife is pregnant with a sports car." (And let's not forget Snooki's ultrasound photo, which showed her little girl appearing to put on lipstick in utero!) We asked Parents.com readers to share their own ultrasound pictures with us on Facebook—and you didn't disappoint! These hilarious images will make you do a double take.

Jessica Smith Sonogram
Credit: Jessica Smith
Laura Pesicka
Credit: Laura Pesicka
Racheal Farrar
Credit: Racheal Farrar
Tanya Boutilier
Credit: Tanya Boutilier
Stacey Evanshine Sonogram
Credit: Stacey Evanshine 
Lyssa Zambrana Smith Sonogram
Credit: Lyssa Zambrana Smith
Chelsea Eckhardt Butler Sonogram
Credit: Chelsea Eckhardt Butler
Victoria Parker Sonogram
Credit: Victoria Parker 
Cheryl Blevins Sonogram
Credit: Cheryl Blevins 
Tori Bergmann Sonogram
Credit: Tori Bergmann 
Nicole Willis Sonogram
Credit: Nicole Willis
Aimee Astrom Sonogram
Credit: Aimee Astrom 
Cassie Lee Starek Sonogram
Credit: Cassie Lee Starek
Jennifer Stone Sonogram
Credit: Jennifer Stone
Sara Bloom Sonogram
Stacey Acosta Sonogram
Credit: Stacey Acosta
Erin Alexander Sonogram
Credit: Erin Alexander
Kailey Lafferty
Credit: Kailey Lafferty