18 Wacky Things (Besides Baby!) That You've Seen in Your Ultrasound Photos

Flexing for the ladies, flashing a peace sign, and more: Parents.com readers share some of the surprising things they've seen in their ultrasound images. 

Is it a bird? An alien? Nope, it's a baby! Ultrasound photos often capture developing baby boys and girls in wacky ways—like the image that made one husband write, "My wife is pregnant with a sports car." (And let's not forget Snooki's ultrasound photo, which showed her little girl appearing to put on lipstick in utero!) We asked Parents.com readers to share their own ultrasound pictures with us on Facebook—and you didn't disappoint! These hilarious images will make you do a double take. 

Jessica Smith Sonogram Jessica Smith

"I'm pregnant with a tiny rock star. Jam on, air guitar babe."—Jessica Smith

Laura Pesicka Laura Pesicka

"We had a bird baby today."Laura Pesicka 

Racheal Farrar Racheal Farrar

"I had an alien."—Racheal Farrar 

Tanya Boutilier Tanya Boutilier

"Trying to impress the ladies already."Tanya Boutilier 

Stacey Evanshine Sonogram Stacey Evanshine 

"This is literally from barely a week ago. Our son practicing his 'heyyyy girl!' while looking like something out of a horror film."—Stacey Evanshine 

Lyssa Zambrana Smith Sonogram Lyssa Zambrana Smith

"He was so happy in there, he gave us a thumbs up!"Lyssa Zambrana Smith 

Chelsea Eckhardt Butler Sonogram Chelsea Eckhardt Butler

"My daughter sending us love from the womb by making a heart with her hands."Chelsea Eckhardt Butler 

Victoria Parker Sonogram Victoria Parker 

"We thought our baby might actually be Kenny from South Park.... I'm happy to report we were wrong."Victoria Parker 

Cheryl Blevins Sonogram Cheryl Blevins 

"Our little girl looked like Abe Lincoln!"—Cheryl Blevins

Tori Bergmann Sonogram Tori Bergmann 

"I am pregnant with a mini George Washington."Tori Bergmann 

Nicole Willis Sonogram Nicole Willis

"The finger. She turned out to be a super sweet kid, but I was a little worried that day!"Nicole Willis 

Aimee Astrom Sonogram Aimee Astrom 

"Our baby girl was practicing counting before she was even born. These pictures were back to back."Aimee Astrom 

Cassie Lee Starek Sonogram Cassie Lee Starek

"We thought we were gonna be having a puppy but ended up having a little boy instead ;3."Cassie Lee Starek 

Jennifer Stone Sonogram Jennifer Stone

"The ultrasound tech said, 'She's signing I love you!'. I burst into tears saying, 'No--we're in a band!'. She was already a little rocker. As a newborn, I could soothe her to sleep by playing 'Crazy Train'."—Jennifer Stone

Sara Bloom Sonogram

"In 2012 we were at our 20 week ultrasound and were finding out the sex. We had lost my father, whose nickname was chill, and were hopeful for a boy. My son decided to let us know he was ok and just as chill as his grandpa! And he still is!"Sara Bloom 

Stacey Acosta Sonogram Stacey Acosta

"Our sweet little girl was stretching. Her big brother is now in gymnastics. Maybe she will follow."—Stacey Acosta

Erin Alexander Sonogram Erin Alexander

"My son who is now 5 appearing to gesture 'be quiet' during his ultrasound, guess we was ruining his nap!"—Erin Alexander

Kailey Lafferty Kailey Lafferty

"I was brutally sick until week 26 so I got frequent ultrasounds to make sure baby was growing...this one made us chuckle. As I was struggling through pregnancy, he was just relaxed in womb with a "thumbs up" -- all good in here."Kailey Lafferty