"The classic Disney characters capture the epitome of childhood for so many people in so many ways–they’re fun, goofy, and always keep you laughing. I hope that people feel that fun spirit in the moccs," said Founder Susan Petersen.

By Lauren Pardee
November 20, 2017
Courtesy of Freshly Picked

Baby shoes are one of those childhood mementos that stick with you forever—the minute they stop fitting, they make an adorable decor piece. Baby moccasin brand Freshly Picked is known for their itty-bitty, yet high-quality slippers that further enforce our theory that it is impossible to pass on your coveted baby shoes. Just to pull at our heartstrings, even more, Freshley Picked has partnered with Disney to create the most swoon-worthy collection of moccasins featuring our favorite cartoon characters Mickey, Minnie, Donald, and Pluto—we're convinced these shoes are a lifetime investment.

The line which launched Monday, November 20th is here just in time for the holidays. Although your lucky little bundle of joy may not understand how precious these booties are, we are almost positive mom will be jumping for Disney joy.

Since opening in 2009, Freshly Picked has gained a notable following including Gwen Stefani, Jessica Alba, Mila Kunis, and the Kardashians—talk about celebrity baby approved.

We were able to catch up with Freshly Picked's Founder, Susan Petersen to hear her thoughts on the incredible new line:

The opportunity to feature Disney characters was a no-brainer for Petersen. "Mickey Mouse and his friends have always been such a well-loved group of characters.  For me, I think it’s about the attitude – they’re so fun, loving, and you just want to go hang out with them – it’s a whimsical feeling as a kid, and it stays with you into adulthood. They’re always laughing and display friendship so beautifully, you just want to be a part of it and promote those good values to the next generations. "

This line is different from the rest of Freshly Picked's inventory. "Aside from featuring some of the most well-loved characters in history, this collection also shows both our traditional moccasin design as well as our City Mocc shoe, highlighting the iconic Mickey and Minnie silhouettes."

Petersen was over-the-moon about working with the iconic brand. "The Disney collaboration was really exciting for us to be a part of!  We have seen great success with our other brand partnerships earlier this year, (NASA, Hello Kitty, Care Bears), and Disney provided a great opportunity to work with an iconic brand that is so well-loved.  Our mission as a company is to make parenting joyful, and Disney brings so many children and adults happiness with their products."

Petersen has already received great feedback from her large fanbase. "We’ve already seen an amazing response from our fans – they’re so excited!  We’re thrilled they’re as happy as we are about this partnership."

As for the possibility of an adult line of moccasin Petersen confirmed, "Maybe…stay tuned!" With that being said I'm ready to pre-order the Minnie Mouse pair in an adult size 8, please!

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