The baby shoemaker never fails to pull at our heartstrings with their charming, high-quality collections and this Disney princess theme is no exception.
Freshly Picked Launching Disney Princess Collection
Credit: Courtesy of Freshly Picked

More magical than any glass slipper, Freshly Picked just launched their Disney Baby Princess Collection that features five classic fairy tale leading ladies: Cinderella, Belle, Ariel, Snow White, and Aurora. The high-end baby moccasin brand is a fan-favorite for their quality leather shoes and patterns that are guaranteed to be cherished for a lifetime. Years from now these dainty-looking yet durable slip-on’s will have you thinking about your little princess’ once upon a time.

Freshly Picked Cinderella Moccasin
Credit: Courtesy of Freshly Picked

Channeling classic charm is effortless in these swoon-worthy Cinderella printed moccasins. Cinderella’s iconic blue gown is printed on the toe and the princess’ scripted name graces the back on top of white, wear-tested leather with charming silver accented details. To call these must-haves dreamy would be a major understatement.

Freshly Picked Belle Moccasin
Credit: Courtesy of Freshly Picked

Belle’s signature yellow gown is the all-around theme of the Belle Bow moccasin. Along with prints of Belle herself, this shoe features red and yellow roses upon a muted-yellow leather with stunning gold accents. Labeled Belle on the heels, any baby beauty will feel at home in these sweet kicks.

Freshly Picked Disney Princess Collection
Credit: Courtesy of Freshly Picked

The last of the solo-featured princesses is Ariel with her under the sea design on full display. Catch Ariel in full-mermaid form along with her friends Sebastian and Flounder swimming amongst a gorgeous sea-scape as the focal point of the shoe. Capitalizing on Ariel’s famed locks, red accents throughout tie the whole look together.

Can’t decide which pair is most fitting for your sweetie? Then, the Princesses Bow moccasin is the easy and obvious choice. On top of light pink leather is every princess donning their most recognizable looks. A shiny purple bow to match the bottom of these shoes provides a dazzling finish—we don’t know how you could resist not buying these.

Available online, these Princess moccasins can be found for $60 per pair—which may seem a bit high for such tony shoes, but they do go the distance. After taking one look at the details on each pair, it’s pretty obvious that this collection may just be worth every penny.