Wrap those toes in starter shoes to help with Baby's development. Learn the basics on buymanship, and if you need to invest in shoes for a stationary infant.

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Picking the Best Baby and Toddler Walking Shoes

With these tips for picking baby and toddler walking shoes, you’ll help your little one put her best foot forward. 

It's National Winnie the Pooh Day and We're Celebrating with These Baby Moccasins

Freshly Picked is the trending baby shoe of choice these days, and who can get enough of Winnie the Pooh? If you like moccasins for your newly walking toddler, then you won't be able to resist spending $60 on something this cute.

These Disney-Themed Moccasins From Freshly Picked Are the Baby Shoes Adults Wish They Had

"The classic Disney characters capture the epitome of childhood for so many people in so many ways–they’re fun, goofy, and always keep you laughing. I hope that people feel that fun spirit in the moccs," said Founder Susan Petersen.

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