Life with a newborn can be really intense... and messy. So why not stock up on some stylish things to make you and your child feel extra-nice?
girl with clothing rack
Credit: Black Salmon/Shutterstock

Getting pregnant and having a baby is one of the most monumental experiences of one's life—and you have little control over any of it. This lack of control is tough for a lot of people. It can make you anxious. It can make you scared. Or, it can make you….SHOP.

I am a lifetime devotee of retail therapy, and never so much as when I had my daughter. When I was pregnant, I delighted in creating a nursery that reflected my soon-to-be-family, and the life I envisioned for my unborn child. This not only gave me something do while I waited for (essentially) my life to begin(!), but it set the stylish tone in my home for years to come.

Here are 8 ways I turned to "style" to comfort me before I had my daughter, and most certainly after. Because who needs sleep when there's online shopping.

1. Stock Up on Beautiful Look and Smelling Bath Products

There is NOTHING like a baby fresh out of the bath, and especially after he or she has soaked in luscious products... that also look uber-chic in your bathroom. The Noodle & Boo products smell so good that you will drift away to Paris cuddling your baby, and your bathroom shelves will thank you in the meantime. Shea Moisture products look and smell amazing too.

2. Buy Cute, High-Quality Diapers

It's no joke that all your baby does in the beginning is eat, sleep, and poop. And the poop part is really no joke. It never gets easier. I cringed at every single dirty diaper my daughter produced. One thing that really helped was buying diapers that made me (and her) happy. That means diapers with stretch and leak protection, of course, but also fun patterns. Huggies Little Movers not only have a leak lock system that keeps Baby dry but also are customizable diapers—you can pick colorful prints, contemporary patterns, or even monograms of your baby's initials. So chic!

3. Work The Closet

Tiny pink hangers from Ikea. A few Mini-Boden and Janie & Jack dresses from hand-me-downs. A beautiful, monogrammed baby blanket from my sister. A jewelry box from my aunt. You don't need much, but the things you put in the baby's closet should be beautiful, meaningful, and functional. I would stare at my future daughter's little closet while hugely pregnant and get so excited to bring her home.

"There isn't a more important look to plan ahead for your child than the one he or she leaves in from the hospital," says Phoebe de Croisset, director of editorial and special projects at Maisonette. "I always advise on a no-fuss, neutral, and comfortable look to outfit your newborn in. It should be detailed with soft materials and have easy openings for on-the-go accidents."

4. Hang Groovy Wall Hangings

I never bothered with blackout shades or even a rocking chair for that matter, but I did Framebridge some black and white photos of the people I love most (and who would undoubtedly love my daughter most). I picked up pink and purple boho-macrames from various clearance racks, and found cool pompom banners from a huge sale at Pottery Barn Kids. My baby came home to a room ready for a chic photo shoot—and let me tell you, even at three, she is as sweet as she is stylish.

5. Buy Some Luxurious Smell-Good Things for Your Home

I LOVE fancy diffusers that smell like lavender or cucumber or fields of grass, or whatever you're into to cover up the smell of those diapers. Latham Thomas, the celebrity doula and founder of Mama Glow, tells her new moms to buy a Saje Wellness Essential Oil Diffuser, "It humidifies and ionizes the air wherever you are. Use an essential oil blend of your preference and create a mood for yourself!"

6. Mom's Self-Care

On that note, buy a few, stylish things in advance just for you. Not for your baby. Not for your home. Just YOU. I like these Glow Potions and I discovered the Ayurvedic brand, Shankara, and their oils and serums have centered me during the worst, sleepless weeks. This Kora balm will be your best friend. Buy bath salts. Essential oils. And by all means, get the nicest under eye concealer you can afford. These splurges are a little bit indulgent and ultra stylish, but why not? Life with a newborn can be rough!