Deals on baby clothes are easy to find if you know how to shop. Here are ways to keep your family on a budget.


The tricky thing about baby clothes is that some of them can be pretty cheap, so most parents feel like they can buy a lot of outfits. All those small costs add up, though, and since you can expect your baby to approximately triple her birthweight by the time she reaches one year, you can just imagine how many baby clothes that means you'll be buying. There are easy ways to cut back on the costs of baby clothes. Any one of these suggestions will help you save money.

Buy Used. Of course you're not going to buy soiled or torn clothes for your baby, but sites like thredUP, StorkBrokers, Baby Outfitter, and Rascals offer tons of well-cared-for secondhand baby clothes to pick from, including popular brands like Baby Gap, Gymboree, and Carter's, among others.

baby clothes
Credit: Robyn Lehr

Hop aboard the rental train. Be honest with yourself--your baby is never going to wear that adorable little Easter dress again, no matter how much you spent on it. Assuming you aren't planning to keep some clothes for another child (which is always a good way to save some cash), it might be worth looking into renting the clothing that you know your child will absolutely never wear again. Sites like The Couture Baby and Borrow Baby Couture make it easy to dress your child in style for way less than you would spend to buy the same designer duds.

Never buy without a coupon. The power is totally in the hands of the consumers these days. Never shop without comparing prices or sans coupon again by using aggregation sites like Coupon Sherpa and Retail Me Not for deals, as well as smartphone apps like Red Laser and Shop Savvy to find out where the best deals are on baby clothes.

Swap with friends. What's more fun than gathering together a group of pals for a couple of drinks, some gossip, and a baby clothing swap? A swap works best if you have kids of different ages, so there will more likely be something for everyone to take home.

Take the swapping online. If you don't have a ton of friends with kids, fear not--just as much (if not more!) swapping is done online these days as it is in actual homes. Consider sites like Swapmamas and Swapbabygoods, which allow you to purchase baby clothes from moms around the country for either cash or another swapped item. Sometimes, if you're lucky, things are even free items listed.