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We dug deep and tracked down the best of the best celeb baby gear you covet so you can style your kid like Shiloh or Suri. And surprise! Some finds are even bargain-priced.

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Suri's Shoes


Suri's Shoes

Celeb Must-Have: Bonpoint Silver Leather Ballerina Shoes

Who Has It: Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes's daughter Suri

Why It's Cool: A glitzy twist on the traditional Mary Jane, these shoes complete Suri's all-dresses-all-the-time style. And they -- or a less-$$$ version -- are a smart buy for the non-rich-and-famous too, since metallic goes with just about everything.

Where to Buy: Bonpoint Silver Leather Ballerina Shoes are $230. For a list of retailers visit:

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Tori's Baby Bedding

Courtesy of Serena & Lily

Tori's Baby Bedding

Celeb Must-Have: Serena & Lily's Harper Crib Bedding

Who Has It: Tori Spelling's daughter Stella

Why It's Cool: Nursery bedding's come a lot way in the sophistication department. Case in point: this vibrant set that Spelling picked up for Stella's hot pink girl-a-thon room. One extra-special touch we love: the fleur-de-lis-like cutouts, which show the more subtle fabric underneath.

Where to Buy: Serena & Lily's Harper 3-Piece Crib Bedding Set costs $559. To buy online, visit:

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Back to School: Call of the Wild

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Jessica's Baby Carrier


Jessica's Baby Carrier

Celeb Must-Have: Belle Baby Carrier

Who Has It: Jessica Alba and Angelina Jolie

Why It's Cool: When Jolie was photographed carrying one of her twins in the Belle Carrier -- and accessorizing it with a glam Jackie O sunglasses -- babywearing got a whole lot sexier. Alba also uses it to be hands-free when toting daughter Honor around town. We love its dummy-proof design and super-luxe fabric, which gives us a tiny dose of celebrity pampering ourselves.

Where to Buy: The Belle Baby Carrier costs $89.95 to $99.95. For a list of retailers, visit:

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Cate's T-Shirt

Courtesy of The Gap

Cate's T-Shirt

Celeb Must-Have: Junk Food 2-in-1 Super Hero T

Who Has It: Cate Blanchett's son Dashiell

Why It's Cool: It's nice to know celeb kids are Star Wars junkies, just like ours. It's also nice to know they shop at cheapo stores like the Gap. This vintage-looking, trendy layered style also comes in other Jedi-inspired designs, as well as one that supports Batman as the candidate.

Where to Buy: The Junk Food 2-in-1 Super Hero T costs $26.50. To buy online visit:

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Violet's Blanket


Violet's Blanket

Celeb Must-Have: Max Daniel Baby Rosebuds & Satin Throw

Who Has It: Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck's daughter Violet

Why It's Cool: Violet is rarely photographed without her super-cuddly, satin-trimmed lovey -- the softest one out there. Not only does she have one in her namesake color, she also has it in eight other shades.

Where to Buy: Max Daniel Baby Rosebuds & Satin Throws are $56 each. For a list of retailers, visit:

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Keri's Baby Sling

Courtsey of P-Sling

Keri's Baby Sling

Celeb Must-Have: P-sling

Who Has It: Keri Russell has worn a blue sling from the line's Wave collection; Gwen Stefani and hubby Gavin Rossdale both rock ones in deep black; and Kate Hudson loves hers in Le Noir, whose color fades from black to beige (part of the Avant Gradation collection).

Why It's Cool: These slings are the de rigueur method of toting celebrity tots around town, and its no wonder: the elegant, lightweight fabrics (either cotton or linen) are hand-dyed in Japan, so they're not only functional but couture, too.

Where to Buy: The P-sling starts at $150. For information on how to order, visit:

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Angelina's Diaper Bag

Courtesy of StorkSak

Angelina's Diaper Bag

Celeb Must-Have: Storksak Emily Diaper Bag

Who Has It: Angelina Jolie totes the basic black version (but we love this pewter metallic).

Why It's Cool: Though this chic purse hardly resembles a diaper bag (so you'll look stylish even when you're sans baby), inside it has everything you need. Along with a padded changing mat, it comes with a removable pouch, tons of compartments (including one for your cell phone), and two insulated side-zip pockets that keep bottles warm or cold for up to five hours. Bonus: Storksak also makes a daddy-friendly "Jamie" messenger bag that Brad Pitt and Matt Damon have been carting around.

Where to Buy: The Storksak Emily bag costs $168. To order online, visit:

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Suri's Bathing Suit

Italfoto srl/Splash News

Suri's Bathing Suit

Celeb Must-Have: Eberjey Little Mermaid Luna 1 Piece

Who Has It: Petite style-maven Suri Cruise; Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen's daughter Lola

Why It's Cool: Not long after the women's lingerie company expanded into swimwear and a "mini" line for girls 12 months and up, this pink one-piece made a splash -- first on the shores of France, where Cruise went for a swim, and then on the beach in Malibu, where Richards' daughter Lola modeled it. We love its super-fem ruffles and halter -- perfect for a girly-girl.

Where to Buy: The Eberjey Little Mermaid Luna 1 Piece costs $58. To order online, visit:

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Ava's Hairclips

Courtesy of Lil' Sugarplum

Ava's Hairclips

Celeb Must-Have: Lil' Sugarplum Venice Hair Clips

Who Has It: Jason Priestley's daughter Ava

Why It's Cool: These too-cute crochet flower hairclips come bejeweled with a Swarovski crystal in the center. Unlike a lot of baby barrettes, sturdy Velcro strips underneath grip those wispy baby hairs tight. We love them even more because they're handmade by a stay-at-home mom.

Where to Buy: Lil' Sugarplum Venice Hair Clips cost $8 per clip. To order online, visit:

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Halle's Maternity Jeans

Courtesy of J Brand

Halle's Maternity Jeans

Celeb Must-Have: Mama J by J Brand Maternity Jeans

Who Has It: Halle Berry, Naomi Watts, and Melissa Joan Hart

Why It's Cool: This fave celebrity jean brand recently introduced this style, cut higher in the back and low in front with no panel. Posh preggos can wear these sleek dark jeans through the third trimester, thanks to soft elastic panels on either side of the waistband that provide plenty of room for expansion.

Where to Buy: Mama J maternity jeans cost $210 a pair. To order online, visit:

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Eden and Savannah's Booties

Courtesy of Ugg

Eden and Savannah's Booties

Celeb Must-Have: UGG Infant's Boo

Who Has It: Marcia Cross's fraternal twin girls, Eden and Savannah; Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale's trendy toddler, Kingston

Why It's Cool: Celeb baby toes never get cold with these sheepskin mini-UGGs. Elastic cording up the back makes them easy to slip onto wiggly feet, and an embossed suede bottom help steady newbie walkers.

Where to Buy: UGG Infant's Boo booties cost $50. To order online, visit:

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Kingston's Crib Set

Courtesy of Dwell Baby

Kingston's Crib Set

Celeb Must-Have: DwellStudio Animals Crib Set

Who Has It: Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale's son, Kingston

Why It's Cool: When it came time to choose bedding for Kingston's black-and-white nursery in their Los Feliz, California, home, they couldn't settle on just one set -- Gavin chose the more subdued Animals print (pictured) while Gwen picked out the bold Robin Small Dots sheets.

Where to Buy: DwellStudio's Animals Crib Set costs $456. To order online, visit:

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Liv's Stroller

Aaron St. Clair/Splash News

Liv's Stroller

Celeb Must-Have: Maclaren Techno XT stroller

Who Has It: Jennifer Garner, Liv Tyler, Melania Trump, Adam Sandler, Michelle Williams, Matthew Broderick

Why It's Cool: Even superstar moms and dads -- who can buy the splurgiest strollers out there -- prefer this basic go-to umbrella stroller. It's super-light, easy to navigate and -- score! -- non-celebs can actually afford it too.

Where to Buy: The Maclaren Techno XT stroller costs $300. For a list of retailers, visit:

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Kate's Onesies

Courtesy of Wry Baby

Kate's Onesies

Celeb Must-Have: Wry Baby Snapsuits

Who Has It: Kate Winslet

Why It's Cool: These hilarious onesies poke fun at parenthood, like the Wry Baby Instructional series that playfully shows parents the right -- and wrong -- way to play, carry, lift, and nurse baby.

Where to Buy: Wry Baby Snapsuits cost $24 each. To order online, visit:

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Halle's Crib

Courtesy of Bratt Décor

Halle's Crib

Celeb Must-Have: Bratt Decor Chelsea Sleigh Crib

Who Has It: Halle Berry; Samantha Harris

Why It's Cool: Halle Berry loved this elegant crib in espresso so much, she bought two -- one for each of her California homes in Malibu and the Hollywood Hills. Dancing with the Stars co-host Samantha Harris also purchased the classic piece for her baby girl Josselyn's nursery.

Where to Buy: The Bratt Decor Chelsea Sleigh Crib costs $1,452. To order online, visit:

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Jennifer's Rocker

Courtesy of growmodern.com

Jennifer's Rocker

Celeb Must-Have: Nurseryworks Storytime Rocker

Who Has It: Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Garner

Why It's Cool: This mod, almost double-wide rocker comes in a variety of funky colors and will totally look at home in your living room post-nursery. Angelina Jolie received one as a gift when Shiloh was born and Jennifer Garner reportedly used hers on the set of Alias.

Where to Buy: The Nurseryworks Storytime Rocker starts at $800. To order online, visit:

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Coco's Bedtime Story

Courtesy of I See Me

Coco's Bedtime Story

Celeb Must-Have: My Very Own Fairy Tale Personalized Storybook

Who Has It: Brooke Shields and Courteney Cox Arquette

Why It's Cool: In this customized storybook, fairies spell out the name of the girl they've chosen to become their princess -- and what do you know, they picked your kid! The book also comes with a printed dedication, making this a great gift for a birthday or baby shower.

Where to Buy: My Very Own Fairy Tale costs $29.95. To order online, visit www.iseeme.com.

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